The 'Buddha Barre Yoga Lounge' is 

currently closed we will be looking to re-open post COVID-19


'Please stay safe & well during this time of change'

Om Shanti

Conveniently located in the heart of the Ribble Valley, The Buddha Barre Yoga Lounge is situated in a perfect idyllic landscape of natural beauty.  Where silence & stillness prevail with a relaxing sense of calmness & serenity.  Kate offers small group & 1-2-1 Yoga classes including Vinyasa Flow, Classical Hatha & Yin Yoga,. Also hosting regular Chakra Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Kirtan & Chanting Circle sessions.


The studio boasts a 360 degree stunning view of the Ribble Valley with safe onsite parking                               oh.... & there are Lamas too!.....




Register your interest via the contact page for beginners courses, drop in sessions or just to book your mat to experience that personal touch you just wont find anywhere else.




About Kate




My name is Kate, as I journey through life have come to realise that maybe there is something more to discover about myself and the world within me as well as around me.


On my travels I visited India where I had my first real experience of Yoga, I've never looked back.  I became familiar with the enjoyment and gratification of yoga sessions in Pune, Mumbai, South Goa and Kerela and following this I felt the need to share my self-awakening.


My love of Yoga took me far and wide and after a lot of practise and research I made the decision to become a Yoga Teacher and am proud to introduce myself as Yogini Gayatri.

I qualified under the guidance of the profoundly inspirational Guru 'Yogi Ram' of the Arhanta International School of Yoga in the true Gurukul style in Bansuri Village, Khajuraho, Madaya Pradesh. 


In light of this began teaching Classical Hatha Yoga, a wonderful and ancient lifestyle enhancing practise. 


As my studies continue to take me far & wide & always back to India have now added further styles of Yoga to the weekly schedule.



 The 'Buddha Barre Boutique' lauches on the 24th March 2019

Offering an ecclectic mix of personally selected Artisan hand crafted 'pieces of India', lovingly made by the talented yet underprivalidged women of India.  Your purchase will be gratefully appreciated and will be helping those women and children to grow and prosper in both lifestyle & confidence.



What is Classical Hatha Yoga?


Classical Hatha Yoga (CHY) is the path of yoga giving first attention to the physical body. To find our more about CHY click on the image above. 




Introducing you to The Yoga Splat Asana Mat. Get your OM back with a Yoga Splat Mat - Original works of art, non slip, one off, hand crafted just for you.


YSM can help to deepen your practise and perfect your posture alignment during Asana Sessions. 


Find your edge and constantly recognise that the mind tends to give up before the body, you can take it further.


BE Individual, BE unique, BE unified.  


Also look out for the launch of the "Buddha Barre Boutique" Bringing a little bit of everything India home to share with you all....


To find out more click on the photo above.




Gayatri Yoga sessions are small, personal and fun. To find out more about our classes and our timetable please click on the image above.





Gayatri Yoga UK ran their first retreat from 17th until the 24th of Septmeber 2016 in Andalucia, Spain. To find out more information about the 'Cave of Dreams' Yoga Retreat Andalucia click on the image above. Further retreats dates will be released in the New Year..