The Buddha Barre Boutique is an extension of the Buddha Barre Yoga Lounge    


As a lover of all things Indian Kate has personally selected these beautiful one off Hand crafted pieces.  View the gallery to browse all the beautiful available which have been made with hard work and passion by a Team of underprivilidged women, your purchase will be helping these local communities sustain a happier, healthier lifestyle.


To browse the Boutique please click here.

As well as all the lovely items in the BBB continuing on the trail of being Unique & Unified as Yogis The YogaSplatMat is now into its 3rd year and still gaining ground deepening Asana practise around the Globe!


Unique & Unified...  The ethos of the YogaSplatMat is that of opportunity and of collaboration between Artist Catherine Milligan and Yogini Kate Jones.


When you step onto your YogaSplatMat for the first time, you are connecting to your design - a creation as individual as you are.  A true and genuine one off.  YogaSplatMat will enhance and energise your flow, giving you a deeper more mindful self belief and concentrated practise - Taking you to 'Your Edge'!.


Your YSM with its amazing grip, durability and style will assist to enhance your depth of asana and flexibility. 

Made from natural laytex, each mat is unique and offers an exclusive design and colour only to you.  The artist considers each mat as a work of art and indeed there is no other YogaSplatMat quite like yours.  


Just as no one person is the same, each Yoga Splat Mat is distinct. Your YSM is an original piece of art, made for you.  Any defects, bubbles, holes or colour bleeds are all part of its charm.  In order to take good care of your YSM please follow the guidelines below.   As everything during change it will take time to adjust to your YSM, be strong, be focused and be simply 'individual'.


Your YSM is non toxic and made from natural latex sourced from sustainable rubber plantations.  Latex may cause an allergic reaction.  Your YSM also contains Acrylic paint. (Returns will not be accepted owing to allergy.) 


This is not a toy.  Please keep away from naked flames!


To clean your YSM take a lint free cloth with warm water, wipe clean and leave to dry! Do not leave your YSM in direct sunlight or place on any heated radiator or surface to dry as this may affect the compound structure and colour of your YSM.  Please note wearing toe rings or Jewellery may damage your YSM. (Do not used oil based cleaners on your YSM as this may affect your grip)


Lastly we would love you to take a photograph everywhere you take your YogaSplatMat and send it to us, with your permission we will post it on our website. Together we can spread the love that Yoga & the Yoga Splat Mat brings to our lives.  Feel free to blog on Facebook and Pinterest.




For enquiries, prices and shipping, please email or call Kate on the contact page.